I am Yinzerella, better known as Caitlin Price (or Cait, or Caitie Mae, or CP, or CaitaP…pretty much any variation of my name). I hail from the great city of Pittsburgh, home of Steelers football, Penguins hockey, Primanti’s sandwiches, hundreds of bridges, random toilets in basements, 24/7/365 construction, and the most losing team in all of professional sports, the Pirates. Flaws and all, I am born and bred a Pittsburgher and embrace its blue-collar status.

Although I am proud of my Pittsburgh roots, I tend to live a little more on the edge than just roaming around neighborhood dive bars and hunting the Monday after Thanksgiving. I’m a 20-something college graduate who enjoys food, fashion, culture, music and life — on a budget. I like to have fun and go crazy, but I still stay true to my frugal roots: Growing up in a blue-collar town, you can’t pass up a great sale or something free. You just can’t.

So this is my little chunk of the Internet to share with you my life as a single 20-something living a life of Louis Vuitton luxury on a Target shoestring. Enjoy my rantings, and be sure to follow me on Twitter!

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